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Profit: Do You Have a Business or a Hobby?

The reason a business exists is profit. That's not a popular thing to say. It sounds sounds cold and greedy. It's missing all the feel-good things like glorifying God in our work. Helping our community. Using our gifts. Leaving our mark on the world. All of those things should absolutely be part of business. But it's healthy to peel them away and recognize that if you're not consistently turning a profit (or on your way there), you're really not in business–you've got an expensive... Read More
Posted by Jacob Savage at 2/10/16

How We Make Remote Working Work

Almost half of my staff works remote.  We ventured into the practice of remote working when an existing teammate moved away from Memphis for his spouse's job back in 2008. Faced with the option to lose him or to make it work remotely, I took a chance on remote.  Not many companies were doing remote at that time –certainly not many in Memphis. But we were already beginning to adopt to cloud-based apps, so some of the pieces were there.  Everything worked out fine with our... Read More
Posted by Jacob Savage at 2/9/16